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Little Red Lie Review – Interactive Sack of Misery (PS4/Vita)

A dark and depressing look at debt, depression, and the power of money.

little red lie trophy list

Check Out the Little Red Lie Trophy List

Are you prepared to lie?

Little Red Lie ps4

Actual Sunlight Creator’s Little Red Lie Coming to PlayStation 4

It released last year on PC.

planet of the eyes ps4

Sci-Fi Puzzle Adventure Planet of the Eyes Out Today on PS4

The story was written by Will O’Neill of Actual Sunlight fame.

As I Mature, Actual Sunlight’s Ending Changes Meaning

How a game about depression and suicide can leave a lasting impact.

The Love/Hate Relationship Developers Have With Game Review Scores

Developers talk about review scores, aggregation, and how much reviews matter in 2017.