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Daily Reaction: Uncharted, Metal Gear, Halo and CoD Get Honest Labels

Welcome to the Danger Zone

BG PS4 720

Bad Gamers: Ep 10 – PS4 & Xbox 720 Release Dates

From the ashes of a turkey, Dan returns.

PlayStation Rewards

Daily Reaction: Should Sony Offer a Rewards Program? (Again)

Read and you will be rewarded.


Daily Reaction: Why The PS4 Needs to Release First

Sometimes coming first is a good thing!

Capcom Predicting Soaring PS3 Game Sales, Backs Platform

Capcom have released a chart that not only shows the number ofRead the full article…

Japanese Holiday Sales Pt. 3: PSP TKO

Well, that takes care of that. Part three of our four-part seriesRead the full article…

The PlayStation 2 Continues Toward Infinity

Here in Japan, once in a while I enjoy kickin’ it atRead the full article…

David Jaffe Gives a Lucky 360 Owner The Gift of PlayStation 3

Whoever said that game developers can’t be giving to gamers in needRead the full article…


Final Fantasy Versus XIII Job Listing Hints at Game Going Multi-Platform

Although Final Fantasy Versus XIII designer Tetsuya Nomura has assured gamers that the title is a PS3 exclusive, a job listing for the RPG increased speculation it could be coming to the Xbox 360.

EA Believes PS3 Will Catch Up With Xbox 360 Sales

The Xbox 360 was launched one year before the PlayStation 3, enablingRead the full article…

Valve Sings Very Different Song, Praises PSN, Calls XBL “Train Wreck”

Gabe Newell and the team over at Valve seem to have hadRead the full article…

Blu-ray Association Offers Olive Branch to Xbox, Microsoft Declines

The Blu-ray Association, made up of several high-profile entertainment companies along withRead the full article…

Would Alan Wake Have Sold Better on the PlayStation 3?

Alan Wake, the Remedy-developed psychological action thriller released exclusively for the XboxRead the full article…

Hydrophobia Swimming its Way to the PS3

Hydrophobia, the Xbox 360 exclusive title is a water-based survival-adventure game fromRead the full article…

Ubisoft Hopes to Put PS3 Splinter Cell: Conviction Rumors to Rest

Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell: Conviction has fueled a speculation frenzy across the web,Read the full article…

PS3 is Well Connected: More Users Online Than 360, Wii

The PS3 has more users connected online than any other home console in the US.

Crysis 2 Will Look Identical On PS3 and 360

Every since its announcement earlier this month, gamers far and wide haveRead the full article…

Top 5 Xbox 360 Games That PS3 Owners Want

We’re not ashamed to admit it, we want these 5 Xbox games!

PS3 Version of Crysis 2 Surpasses Xbox 360′s

Crysis 2 will undoubtedly set a benchmark in gaming with its exceptionalRead the full article…

Ubisoft Shoots Down Splinter Cell Conviction PS3, Again

A problem with third-party exclusive titles, is that not only do they cause fanboy wars, butRead the full article…