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gta 5 sales

UK Video Games Market Saw Record-Breaking Performance in 2017, £5.11 Billion Spent

GTA V sold over one million copies!

The XStation Is a PS4 Slim and Xbox One S Jammed Into One Console

Would you want one?

Xbox One S Helps Microsoft Outsell PS4 in Australia


Microsoft Claims Xbox One is the Best-Selling Console in America

..and a bunch of other interesting claims in a new advert.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Isn’t Worried About PS4 Pro Releasing Before Project Scorpio

He attributes low sales in Japan to different tastes in games.

Microsoft Executive “Surprised” By Lack of 4K Disc Player in PS4 Pro

Albert Penello respects Sony for what it does, however.

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Xbox One S Outsold the PS4 Slim By 360% in the UK, Original PS4 Price Dropped to £149

The Xbox One S helped Xbox One sales rise by nearly 1,000%.

Xbox One Scorpio

Microsoft Still Says the Scorpio More Powerful Than PS4 Pro

Microsoft has a lot to say about Sony today.

E3 2016 – Microsoft Announces Xbox One S, Priced at $299

Only 500GB though.