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Yokus Island Express Review

Yoku’s Island Express Review – Pinball Wizard (PS4)

A melding of metroidvania and pinball.

yokus island express release date

Yoku’s Island Express New Trailer Out Now

Why yes, there is a story to this pinball adventure starring a dung beetle…

yokus island express release date

Pinball Platform Adventure Yoku’s Island Express Releasing Next Month

It’s pinball, mixed with platforming? And adventure?

yokus island express gameplay trailer

Watch the Latest Yoku’s Island Express Gameplay Trailer

Take a look at the side-quests!

Yokus Island Express preview

Yoku’s Island Express Preview — A Pinball Adventure (PS4)

It’s a pinball adventure!

E3 2017 – Yoku’s Island Express Preview – Pinball Wizard (PS4)

Mixes pinball mechanics with a Metroidvania style.