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square enix microtransactions

Square Enix: ‘Games as a Service’ Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Microtransactions

GaaS is about keeping games fresh post release.

2016 Was the “Year of Technological Innovation” in the Games Industry, Says Square Enix President

They’ve moved forward with R&D efforts for AR and VR.

Tomb Raider Will Be “Evolving More,” Says Square Enix CEO

You can enjoy “new Tomb Raider titles.”

Square Enix’s Project Setsuna to Be Centered Around “Sadness”

He also explains that new IPs can only be judged after three games.

Square Enix Working on “Some Experimental Projects,” Looking to Reboot More IPs

Also looking to reboot more IPs.

Square Enix Planning to Reveal a Surprise JRPG for Consoles This Fiscal Year

They’re preparing “all kinds of things” for E3 2015.

Square Enix: Console Games Performed Better Than Expected in 2014

Including Thief.

Square Enix to Take Advantage of Increasing Download Sales

Japan needs some extra work.

Square Enix Revealing New Console RPG in December That “Isn’t a Remake”

In the future, they’re “going to have a lot to show for both Japan and overseas markets.”