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Ubisoft Games Are Heavily Political

Ubisoft Games Are Political, But A Different Kind of ‘Political’

Politics shmolitics. Just gimme loot and gear.

Ubisoft PS3 online servers shutdown

Ubisoft CEO “Delighted” With Shareholder Support as Vivendi Threatens Independence

Guillemot says Ubisoft can’t continue to thrive under Vivendi.

assassins creed 10th anniversary

Ubisoft CEO Talks Piracy and Adapting Assassin’s Creed for the Chinese Market

Black Flag was apparently pirated 5 million times in China.

Ubisoft Doesn’t See Beyond Good & Evil 2 As Much of a Risk

The toys-to-life Starlink: Battle for Atlas is.

Ubisoft Turned Skull & Bones Into a New IP to Give Its Developers More Freedom

They didn’t want to be restricted by Assassin’s Creed.

assassins creed 10th anniversary

Ubisoft Wants to Expand Board of Directors to Maintain Control Amid Growing Threat of Hostile Takeover

Let’s see what happens in September.

Ubisoft: Assassin’s Creed 2017 Will Have Live Services Different From Ghost Recon & Rainbow Six

Ubisoft also talks the new multiplayer IP, releasing a new Ghost Recon before a new Rainbow Six.

Ubisoft: New Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, The Crew & South Park Games Releasing This Fiscal Year

Ghost Recon and For Honor are the best-selling games (so far) this year.

Ubisoft: Watch Dogs 2 Pre-Orders Lower Than Expected, Ghost Recon Wildlands Betas Coming

The next Assassin’s Creed game will launch when it’s ready.

Michel Ancel Posts Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teaser on “Ubisoft Day” as the Studio Fights Off Takeover

Ubisoft is safe…for now.

Ubisoft Explains Consequences of Vivendi Takeover, Says Assassin’s Creed Will Return When Ready

Looks like it’ll be a while before we see another Assassin’s Creed.

Ubisoft Seems Confident About Watch Dogs 2 Sales, Says Reception Has Been “Very Positive”

Reveal trailer has surpassed 30 million views.

Ubisoft Nominates New Independent Directors in Latest Move to Fight Off Vivendi Control

Vivendi previously said it was seeking board representation.

Vivendi Increases Stake in Ubisoft to 20%, Claims It Just Wants “Fruitful Cooperation”

And Vivendi will “continue to acquire shares.”

Report: Guillemot Brothers Working Together to Defend Ubisoft After Losing Gameloft to Vivendi

They’re apparently meeting financial advisers to look into the matter.

Ubisoft’s E3 2016 Plans: Aisha Tyler Hosting Press Conference, Watch Dogs 2 Being Shown Off

For Honor, Ghost Recon, and South Park will be at their booth.

Ubisoft: Watch Dogs 2 Will Have a “New Tone,” E3 2016 Press Conference to Include “Lots of Dates”

That AAA IP will be revealed very soon.

Ubisoft CEO Expects One More Console Generation “Before We Go to Streaming”

Ubisoft knows streaming will take some time to be popular.

Vivendi Increases Stake in Ubisoft Yet Again, Ubisoft Responds

Ubisoft says it’s not surprised.

Vivendi Begins Mandatory Takeover Bid for Gameloft, Reportedly Eyeing Ubisoft

Both Ubisoft and Gameloft are owned by Guillemot brothers.