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QuakeCon PSN Sale

QuakeCon PSN Sale Now Live Ahead of QuakeCon 2018

Gotta love deals.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 1.26 on PS4 Adds a New CP Enabled Battlegrounds Campaign

And improves the Battleground queuing system.

Singer Dion DiMucci Sues ZeniMax for Using His Song in “Repugnant” Fallout 4 Ads

‘Cause I’m a wanderer. Yeah, a wanderer. I roam around…

The Elder Scrolls Online ESO Plus Event This Week Lets You Access DLC Packs for Free

Current ESO Plus members can get Dwarven Crown Crates.

Doom Co-Developer Escalation Studios Acquired By Bethesda Parent Company ZeniMax

They’ll support other ZeniMax studios.