Trophy Guide – Super Stardust HD

Hero of Lave (Bronze): Arcade – Complete planet Lave

– Build up your Rock Crusher (Green) by collecting the green colored tokens. This planet is all Rock Asteroids, so the Rock Crusher will take care of any asteroids and enemies that may pose a threat. Conserve your bombs and boost unless you get surrounded, then there’s no reason not to use one of the two escape options. To defeat the boss simply destroy its 4 propulsion systems.

Hero of Conventina (Bronze): Arcade – Complete planet Coventina

– Your main weapon here will be the Gold Melter (Red), so try to wait until the weapon powerups change Red before picking them up. You’ll encounter mostly Gold Asteroids here but on the last couple phases you’ll start to see a few Rock Asteroids fall in. The Boss is a robotic snake like creature that shoots from its body. Aim your weapon at the red piece in the center of its body. When it stops shooting run around to the other side of it and try to clear any asteroids in front of it then get in close and keep attacking. It’ll squeeze around you but you’ll still have plenty or room to maneuver. It’ll shoot some lasers while you’re in there but these are easy to avoid and do not kill you in a single shot.

Hero of Memain (Bronze): Arcade – Complete planet Nemain

– You main weapon here will be the Ice Splitter (Blue), so you know the drill. Most asteroids and enemies here can be taken down easily with the Ice Splitter, switch to whatever you need if any other types drop down or if an enemy is being hard to hit. Your boss fight here is two UFOs like the one you fought in Lave.

Hero of Taranis (Bronze): Arcade -Complete planet Taranis

– By this point you should know the drill and what weapons to use. Your boss fight will be two snake creatures like the one you fought in Conventina.

Hero of Segomo (Bronze): Arcade – Complete planet Segomo

– This is where it can get fun. You’ll now start to encounter a lot more enemies along with the asteroids, but nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle. Just to remember to keep moving and use the 360 fire spin to keep most things at bay if it gets crowded. The final phase here will pit you against the planet, sort of. You’ll see a tower of sorts drop down, attack the four sides of it (it rotates on its own) to damage them enough and they will point toward the planet. A bomb works wonders on these and will take all four pieces at once. If you don’t take the tower down quickly it will shoot missiles at you like the ones the snake did. Rinse and repeat with the tower.

The Tokenizer (Bronze): Arcade – Collect 5 tokens with a single boost

– Find a group of tokens that are together and boost your way through them. You’ll need a total of 5 in all. Bonus Asteroids help greatly with this.

Scrooge MacBoom (Bronze): Arcade – Get 10 bombs

– Just hold onto your bombs and you’ll get this one. You can get two additional bombs on the 2nd-4th phases of each planet by destroying the green crates the carrier holds.

Token Hoarder (Silver): Arcade – Collect 15 tokens with a single boost

– It is essential to do this to a Bonus Asteroid. Boost through the center of the asteroid and you should be able to get it, if not then try to get a couple tokens to trail you then boost through them and the asteroid.

Well Prepared (Silver): Arcade – Get 20 bombs

– Just keep your trigger finger off those bombs. If you don’t use any bombs and start from the beginning you should get this in 3-4 if you picked up every bomb available.

Shield Blaster (Silver): Arcade – Collect 5 shield tokens while already having a shield

– This one comes to a bit of luck and skill. You’ll first have to find a purple token which will give you a shield, then you have to avoid getting hit long enough to find another 5 shields. When you pick up a second shield it’ll act like a bomb destroying just about everything near you. If you encounter a yellow token for a ship you can let it degrade into a shield after ~10-15 seconds. If you lose your shield all is not lost, if you had set off two shield bombs you’ll start at two when you pick up another shield.

Scenic Route (Silver): Arcade – Complete a planet without using boost

– Simple, don’t use boost on a whole planet. Lave is the simplest to do so on.

Multiplier Hero (Gold): Arcade – Get 10x multiplyer

– This is a bit of an endurance challenge. Destroy everything. Enemies and asteroids count toward the multiplier, so no matter how small that asteroid is take it out. The higher the multiplier the longer it will take to get to the next multiplier. Try to get a shield if you can to keep from loosing your multiplier if you get hit. Use bombs and boost freely.

–Requires Solo Pack–

Extra Ships Optional (Bronze): Endless – Survive 7 minutes without dying

– Take it nice and easy. Take your time destroying things and avoid using the Nukes unless the planet is getting filled.

Close Encounters (Bronze): Survive 45 seconds without shooting or using bombs

– Evade, evade, evade! There’s not a while lot of tips I can give you here as its all about maneuvering. Picking up the Time tokens doesn’t count toward your 45 seconds so don’t risk it. You should be able to boost but there are conflicting reports about this. I personally ended a run with a boost and then destroyed at 45.65 seconds and did not get this, so its possible you actually need 46 seconds or not use boost.

Late Boomer (Silver): Bomber – Get 15 bombs

– “This is the hardest Trophy in the game. The point of this Trophy is not to collect 15 bombs, but to have 15 bombs total. There are many reasons why this is so difficult. Firstly, you must be frugal with your bombs. You can ONLY use them to get more bombs. You spend one bomb to earn two, which means you cannot use your bombs on enemies. The general strategy will be to trail bomb ships when you see them, and only explode them when you absolutely must. DO NOT use bombs against enemies and rocks. You will simply have to dodge them. You’ll want to follow bomb ships for as long as possible, because if you’re lucky, you’ll be fortunate enough to have another one spawn next to it. If you can destroy two ships with one bomb, you’ll be making this much easier on yourself. Just like in Close Encounters, you’ll want to make very small, deliberate movements.” – PS3Fanboy

Shock and Awe (Silver): Endless – Destroy 10 nukes

– It is vital to take out the Nukes as soon as they drop, and the easiest way to do this is either to boost through it (most preferred) or to use a bomb in it’s vicinity. The more time you spend the quicker the asteroids/enemies will become, so you really want to destroy as much as possible as fast as possible. I would suggest conserving your bombs if you can as you’ll definitely need them later. The first few nukes are pretty easy, but if you see a bunch of asteroids getting ready to land on top of you quickly boost away to prevent being destroyed. On the later levels you’ll be bombarded by relentless amounts of asteroids that’s impossible to keep up with destroying, this is when you should boost then bomb and then do a 360 flame wheel. Bomb again if you need to then boost again when you can. Boosting will destroy a few asteroids but the bombing will take out quite a few. As soon as you see the nuke make a dash for it. It’s likely you’ll have to repeat this process for at least 2 levels.

–Requires Team Pack–

Brothers In Arms (Gold): Split screen Co-Op – Segomo – Get 3 minutes of Continuous Co-Op weapon boost

This has to be the easiest one there is. Just sit near a friend on Segome for 3 straight minutes. You can actually accomplish this yourself if you have an extra controller and can handle moving two ships at once. Just overlap your ships and move them in conjunction avoiding the four large Ice Asteroids that appear in the 1st phase. You’ll know you’re getting the boost because you’ll se a line connecting your ships and your rate of fire will be increased significantly. Yes it really is that simple.