Home May Not Arrive Today After All

Written by Sev1512 sev1512-48

According to TedTheDog over on the Official EU Home Beta forums,

“Testing (is) complete and a couple of technical problems have been found. We need to iron these issues out first and I’m waiting to hear how long that might take (I’m not qualified to even guess, its very technical). Apologies, I know you all want to get in but we must get these things right. And please remember, this is a beta and today is our first step into the Open Beta environment and what we’re doing today is part of the beta process itself.”

What exactly does this mean?  PlayStation Home might not make it out today, but at least we know that the Open Beta is here, and if there is a delay, it will be extremely minor (a few hours, or a day or two).  The only problem is that we PS3 fans are an impatient bunch, and we have been waiting for PS Home almost 2 years already.  What could a few hours hurt?  Actually a lot…  PlayStation Home is being met with a lot of speculation, so to have a delay, and announced content not arriving on day one, doesn’t look good for the oft-delayed application.

I for one would rather wait, and have a better experience.  However most PS3 fans would agree that we have waited long enough.