Rare InFamous Press Kit Hits the Auction Block

August 1, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Whoever thought that the Special Edition of inFamous was cool, you haven’t seen anything yet. A new rare inFamous press kit has hit eBay, and it will most likely “shock” you.

The item, described as “Ultra Rare” on it’s eBay page, is a press kit for the title. It does not feature the game, though instead comes with a 40-page booklet that details Empire City, background of the characters, and artwork. This kit was given only press and media, as a promotional item given along with the game. It is not available in stores.

As of right now, the press kit has started at a reasonable price of $9.99. Expect this to shoot up in price very soon, as the item will be available for bid for six days. The booklet is in near-mint condition, the seller explains, with one corner of it “slightly” bent.

If you’re an inFamous fanatic, you owe it to yourself to place a bid.