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Eight Days’ Stars Add Insult to Injury


When it was announced that Eight Days was being canceled in favor of Eye Pet, there as a great disturbance in the force felt by hard core gamers all around the world.  Many questioned why such a promising title would be canned.  Recently some new screenshots have hit the web and is stirring speculation about this title still being in development and reveals an all star Hollywood roster.

Many of the screens below appear to be a more advanced stage of development then when we last saw Eight Days.  Even more surprising is this highly anticipated title looks like it was going to star three of Hollywood’s finest.  None other then the talents of Ving Rhames, Dennis Hopper and Gary Oldman were tapped for Eight Days.  None of this lends any credence to the game still being in development, but it certainly throws some salt into the wound for those eagerly awaiting this game.

So why would this game be canceled in favor of Eye Pet?

[Source] Thanks Timmmay!