Activision ‘Drumming’ Up New Hero Game


Activision claims Guitar Hero to be the third highest selling franchise of all time, right behind Mario, and Madden, both of which have become house hold names. The massive sales and immediate popularity after it’s original release back in 2005 have sparked numerous music-based “Hero” games with the hopes of having similar success. DJ Hero and Band Hero both released this fall, but it looks like Activision is planning yet another “Hero” title already.

drum-heroAccording to a trademark recently filed by Activision, one of the world’s largest video game developers and publishers, reveals yet another foray into the “Hero” line of music games.

This time, it’s not turntables scratching, or guitar riffs. Instead you’ll be beating your drums in Drum Hero. The trademark which was filed just today covers pretty much everything relating to video games, and any relevant toys of handheld versions of the game.