Dragon Age: Origins Returns to Ostagar

Dragon Age: Origins has released to rave reviews from both gamers and industry experts, including a 5 out of 5 from us.  Along with all this positive talk Bioware has been pretty good about supporting their product with two DLC packs already on the PlayStation Store.  Now it looks like there will be a third pack for gamers to experience as EA has announced Return to Ostagar.

In Return to Ostagar the player gets to revisit the site of the Grey Wardens last stand.  Here you are tasked with reclaiming the honor  of the Grey Wardens as well as learning the secrets of Ferelden’s fallen king.  Return to Ostagar has not be given an exact release date on the PS3, only that it will be later January.  We do however know the price point as it will be $4.99 when it releases.

Aaryn Flynn, General Manager and Vice President, BioWare Edmonton had this to say in the press release about the new content.

“We are thrilled at the way the fans have embraced Dragon Age: Origins and we’re excited to welcome them back into the game. Return to Ostagar represents BioWare’s commitment to providing a steady stream of compelling post release content as we continue to expand the Dragon Age universe.”

Will anyone be forking over the cash late January to get another shot at the battle of Ostagar?