Voice Actor Says Tales of Vesperia is Being Localized

Although the PlayStation 3 suffered a slow start, a big component to the massive avalanche of great titles pouring onto the system are timed-exclusive contracts for 360 games expiring. As with BioShock and several others, Tales of Vesperia was originally declared an exclusive but later found its way onto the PS3, but unfortunately only in Japanese format. However, it is looking like the title will be making its way across the Pacific in the near future.

While at a Q&A at Sakura Con in Washington, voice actor Troy Baker unintentionally announced that both a European and North American PS3 version of the RPG Tales of Vesperia are in production. Troy Baker was asked the following by a member of the crowd:

“I know you guys re-recorded the voices for Tales of Vesperia PS3. When are you guys going to announce the European release or do you know if it’s coming out in the US?”

To which Troy replied with the following:

“Somebody asked me about that, actually no we didn’t re-record everything. They literally took what we did and just dropped it in and there was a couple of levels that they added. So the new character, what’s her name? Patty. We mentioned in the expo recently actually about the PS3 version.

So now the European release… I don’t know why they haven’t set a street date. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but I don’t know.”

While this isn’t conclusive, the chances of a North American and/or European localization are very high. Tales of Vesperia wasn’t particularly popular on the Xbox 360 but found a spark of sales upon the Japanese PS3 release, so that may be enticing for Namco, the developer.