See the Sights and Sounds of Yakuza 4 Kamurocho District

The release of Yakuza 4 is just around the corner, and those familiar with the series should know that there will be plenty of fighting ahead of them. But you may not know where to go in between those brawls, fear not as a brand new trailer has been released letting you know which part of the city you should get familiar with.

The latest trailer shows off the Kamurocho district – this is the area you’ll want to head to for some karaoke, gambling, and alcohol. Also if you’re feeling lonely you can hit up the strip clubs and hostess bars as well. Needless to say Yakuza 4 has something to entertain everyone.

See trailer below:

Explore the Kamurocho district for yourself when Yakuza 4 releases on March 15th in the US and March 18th in Europe.