Incredibly Devoted Fan Gets $9000 Yakuza 4 Tattoo

There are some fans of different products, franchises or characters who put a small tattoo on their arms or legs to show their appreciation for whatever it is they like. This fan goes far above that level of dedication, as he has what may be the largest videogame-related tattoo ever crafted.

SEGA ran a contest almost a year ago, asking fans of Yazkua 3 to state in 25 words or less why they think they deserve to win a $9000 real-life tattoo to match that of character Kazuma Kiry. 46 year-old Fari Salievski from Liverpool, Australia ended up winning said contest. An MMA trainer, Mr. Salievki went through with the entire process, to end up with the impressive full back tattoo you see above (and in higher detail in the gallery below). It has earned him the nickname of “The Dragon,” and the entire process entailed four-hour sessions at least three hours apart for six months, with the artwork done by Josh Roelink from Tatudharma Studios in Sydney. Take a look at the tattoo below, and let us know what you think in the comments. Yakuza 4 is out now, and you can expect our review soon.