Virtua Tennis 4 Volleys Two Special Move Bundles

When it comes to motion controls, nothing fits the bill better than the sports genre. Whether it be ping-pong, golf, or tennis, nothing beats being able to play whenever you want, and virtually wherever you want. So what better way to promote Virtua Tennis 4, the first tennis game to fully realize the capabilities of the Move, than to bundle it with the masterful device itself?

Over on Amazon, the latest and greatest in PlayStation Move bundles has appeared. This time around, the bundle features the upcoming tennis title Virtua Tennis 4. Along for the ride is the Move controller, PS Eye, and even a plastic tennis racket housing for ultimate simulation at a price of only 99.95.

It doesn’t end there, as there is also a PlayStation 3 320GB bundle including all of the products mentioned above for a savvy 379.85 Euros.

This currently is only available for pre-order in France (they love their tennis…), but might find its way stateside. The bundle will release alongside Virtua Tennis 4 on May 14th.