Take Your Pick From These Latest Brink Ability Screenshots

Brink, the upcoming parkour-meets-fast-paced-FPS from Splash Damage and Bethesda Softworks, is currently due for release next week. There are four classes of characters to choose from, and some more of these character classes’ abilities have been revealed via screenshots.

The featured abilities are as follows:

  • Engineer – Command Post Upgrade: allows you to upgrade any Health or Supply Command Post to double its effect on the entire team.
  • Medic – Lazarus Grenade: an experimental pharmaceutical aerosol bomb, letting you Revive all incapacitated teammates within its healing cloud.
  • Operative – Control Turret: allows you to take remote First Person control of friendly turrets.
  • Soldier – Satchel Charges: remote control bombs plantable on any flat surface.
  • Universal Ability – Downed Fire: lets you shoot even when you’re Incapacitated, but only with your backup weapon, and only after an initial delay.

Do any of these abilities, combined with those shown earlier, persuade you to try out a particular class when the game launches? Brink is currently scheduled for retail availability on May 10th, 12th and 13th in North America, Australia, and Europe respectively.