New Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer Hints at Cammy

A new teaser trailer for the upcoming fighter Street Fighter X Tekken has been released and appears to hint at the inclusion of Cammy on the Street Fighter side. The crossover will see characters from the respective universes of Capcom and Namco Bandai battling it out, but exactly which characters will make the final cut has yet to be fully confirmed.

The short teaser seems to confirm Cammy’s existence in the game:

Street Fighter X Tekken is currently slated for a 2012 release and the suspected inclusion of Cammy hardly comes as a surprise. In fact her spot on the roster of Capcom’s highly acclaimed Street Fighter IV was a direct result of fan voting with Cammy locking up 43% of the vote in Capcom’s official “Which character would you most like to see in Street Fighter IV?” poll, with fellow female Sakura coming in a distant second with just 15%.

Capcom have also released a new video showing Cammy: