Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the Most Mysterious Vaporware in History

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been the biggest tease in gaming’s recent history. Originally announced in 2006, the title has become a glimmer of hope for both Final Fantasy and RPG fans in general. It was intended to be one of the biggest blockbuster exclusives on the PlayStation 3, but now that we’re years deep into the system’s life-cycle, the game is beginning to look more like vaporware than a product we’ll play in the near future.

The few details of FFVXIII that are known, and the even fewer video that have been released, have portrayed a real-time combat system reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts. Along with its mature, extremely attractive style, it simply looks great. The trailer which was shown for the game’s original announcement at E3 2006 didn’t include any gameplay, but was stunning nonetheless. Square Enix quickly changed gears and began promoting Final Fantasy XIII for the next several years, while many of us were left wondering where in the world Versus went.

We do know at least a little something about FFVXIII. It’s being developed and published by Square Enix, Tetsuya Nomura is directing the project, its an action RPG, and its said to be exclusive to the PlayStation 3. Outside of that, the game has been extremely mysterious, and most details you’ll find regarding the game are mere rumors and speculation. The mystery that shrouds the game has made the wait painful, almost agonizing, as every time it seems to appear, Square Enix begins showing off new projects. For example, earlier in the year a new trailer for FFVersusXIII was released, and it was absolutely breathtaking. Mixing together cutscenes and action-packed gameplay, the trailer left thousands excited to play the game. Then, within the same timeframe, Square Enix announced the forgettable Final Fantasy XIII-2. I was shocked, and to this day have no idea why a game as exciting as FFVersusXIII would be pushed aside for a sequel to a disappointing FF release.

Here we are more than five years after its public announcement, and Square Enix has once again stated that we won’t see the product in the immediate future. Many believed that it would appear as a major part of Sony’s arsenal at E3 this year, or at the very least during the Tokyo Game Show. However, the title was nowhere to be seen at E3, and it has been confirmed that we won’t see it at TGS either.

So where’s Final Fantasy Versus XIII? It’s one of the reasons many of us picked up a PlayStation 3, and should be a priority for Square Enix. Whatever the reason is for it taking so long, it’s a shame, and until then this game is as good as vaporware.