New Binary Domain Screens Unload at gamescom

Sega’s newest third-person shooter is aiming to wreak havoc amid the hapless streets in Tokyo. But before they start to shred android metal with full metal jackets in Binary Domain, they plan to warm their fans up with a few gameplay screens straight from gamescom.

In this futuristic shooter, players will be able to use the familiar duck-and-cover tactics as they fight their way with a squad of AI’s or their online friends. Should they find themselves short of a few online buddies, Binary Domain will be equipped with voice commands that can be vocally issued to your AI squad to lay waste of the robot invasion that plagues Japan.

Before we can punch holes in alloy armor when Binary Domain releases in February 2012, we’ll have to settle with action poses of our hero, Dan Marshall, as he fights his way to reclaim Tokyo. If this set doesn’t settle your appetite, head on over to our previous screens.