Sony Denies Remote Play Support for All PS3 Titles Rumor

Some time ago, Sony had performed a Remote Play demonstration on PlayStation Vita with the FPS Killzone 3. Remote Play was a liked feature on PSP, despite the fact that only a few games used it, and gamers grew excited when they heard that the Vita would have Remote Play support. That excitement grew exponentially on the heels of a Eurogamer rumor that a future PS3 firmware update would enable Remote Play for all PS3 titles.

Unfortunately, that appears not to be true. In an interview with Impress Watch, Sony Computer Entertainment Senior VP Yoshio Matsumoto and Division 2 Software Development Head Muneki Shimada were asked about the rumor. Matsumoto described the rumor as “mistaken” and said that Remote Play support needs to come from the side of the PS3 game. Shimada agreed with Matsumoto’s statement.

No further details have been released about PlayStation Vita’s Remote Play capabilities or any future PS3 titles that may support the feature in the future.