Famitsu’s 5 Most Wanted Vita Games

Today is V-Day in Japan, and leading up to the launch of Sony’s second portable, Famitsu has been polling gamers both online and in its magazine about which Vita games they want most. Having the newest magazines right next to me, I’ve combined the totals of both surveys to find the overall most wanted PSVita games.

#5: Tales of Innocence-R

A remake of a well-received DS RPG from a few years ago, this one had a line to long for me to tolerate at the Tokyo Game Show, so I can’t say how it handles. We do have some screens and videos here at PSLS so check those out. This one is not a launch title, but due out January 26th in Japan. If Tales of Graces F for PS3 performs well upon its March release in North America, maybe — just maybe — Namco Bandai will think about bringing this across the sea as well.

#4: True Night of Kamaitachi 11th Visitor (Suspect)

This is a murder mystery game in which all of the characters are outlined in a ghostly blue for some reason. Check out a YouTube trailer here. This one totally surprised me as a launch title. I hadn’t even heard about it until seeing these polls. It looks pretty interesting, though I have a feeling it won’t be released outside of Japan.

#3: Uncharted: Golden Abyss

For the North American gamer, I suspect this will top similar polls. The touch-screen portions of the game are, admittedly, somewhat gimmicky at times, but I can say from experience that they do at least control well, which is what I would say is more important. This is a prequel to the original Uncharted and is said to have an estimated play time of over 10 hours, so franchise fans really have something to look forward to. The PS3 games have been very successful all over the world, Japan included, but now, it’s coming to the portable scene, which should boost its fame in Asia.

#2: Hot Shots Golf 6

Hot Shots Golf is a guaranteed money maker. For all of the close-fitting, all of the compact cars, the capsule hotels, and other cramped spaces in Japan, there sure are a lot of golf courses. But even if you don’t like playing the real game (hi!), you can dig the Hot Shots Golf series, which is perhaps why it’s called “Everybody’s Golf” in Japan. I played both of the PSP Hot Shots games and found them enjoyable, so I’m personally interested in this one.

#1: Persona 4: Golden

There is perhaps no greater selling power than nostalgia, and as an enhanced port of one of the PS2’s best RPGs, Persona 4: Golden is creating a ton of buzz. Not much is known about it, but not much really has to be known is the thing, because most people buying this will be buying it already having played the original.

Sony should be feeling pretty good that three of the above (numbers two, three, and four) are launch games, but launch titles don’t make up the whole thing. This shows good interest in the initial wave of software and a continuing line of probable hits. Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for continuing Vita coverage.