Number of Registered PlayStation Network Accounts Reaches 90 Million

Sony announced today at the Games Developer Conference that the number of registered PSN accounts across all regions has officially surpassed 90 million.

SCEA’s manager of developer relations, Mr. Ted Regulski shared this impressive figure, pointing out that this number was tallied across all three major Sony platforms, namely the PSP, PS3 and PS Vita. He went on to praise the company’s online network, pointing out its flexibility with developers, especially in comparison to Microsoft and Nintendo, saying that Sony is currently…

the only major console publisher to allow self-publishing. There are others but they have publishing rules that aren’t much fun and there are no weird limits you have to hit in order for us to pay you.

He also claimed that they offer a better royalty rate than what Nintendo and Microsoft offer, but didn’t give any figures.

While this statistic doesn’t reflect the actual number of active PlayStation Network users (there are undoubtedly many gamers that have made more than one account) this is still an impressive number for the folks at Sony. If anything, this has proven that Sony has and will continue to grow in the online space despite fierce competition from Microsoft.