Dragon’s Crown Being Localized by Atlus USA

Atlus USA announced today that it has obtained the licensing rights and will be localizing Vanillaware-developed Dragon’s Crown for PS3 and Vita. UTV Ignition was previously on board to handle production and publishing, but for reasons not completely described, Atlus USA has stepped into those roles. In its announcement, the company made a point of reiterating that the game is still wholly developed by Vanillaware.

A cooperative action RPG by the makers of Grimgrimoire, Odin Sphere, and Grand Knights History, the game is marked down for a vague 2013 release time frame with no specific date given.

Japanese fans have been waiting for this one to launch for some time, though there’s still no confirmed release date. Perhaps publisher UTV Ignition felt a bit overwhelmed by the scope of a Vanillaware title, so they sold the rights to Atlus? That’s just my own speculation, though.

Interested fans should look to the official website for updates, and of course check back here for more news and media as Atlus USA releases it.