Rainbow Moon Nails Down UK Release Date, US Release Window

With the summer in full swing, all we are missing as gamers are a good selection of RPGs to enjoy. In steps developer eastasiasoft with a release date for their PlayStation Network effort, Rainbow Moon. The game is set to release in the UK and Australia July 4th for the low price of €12.99/£9.99.

As you may notice in the paragraph above, we didn’t mention a US release date and that is because right now there isn’t one, with the company only confirming a July release date at $14.99. Along with the release date and window, eastasiasoft has released new screenshots, videos, and some new information on the upcoming RPG.

Rainbow Moon will offer a load of new content within the first month of release, with over 20 free and premium content packs to be release. These packs will include Starter Packs, Amulet Sets, and Rainbow Pearl Sets. So without further adieu, check out the new screenshots and videos below.

After this media update, price, and a release date/window, will you be picking up the game at launch?