Job Listings Hint Multiplayer for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes debut trailer at the MGS 25th Anniversary Event left gamers across the globe with their collective jaws wide open. Then, the revelations that Ground Zeroes will be open world, and feature a day/night cycle have further fed the fan excitement that’s quickly placing Naked Snake’s next adventure atop many gamer’s most-wanted lists.

Now, two job listings seem to imply that MGS: Ground Zeroes will have a ‘large-scale’ online mode.

First up—Kojima productions is seeking a Japanese network programmer with the following revealing qualification:

Has professional experience and strong ambition for creating large-scale online games for PC/PS3/Xbox360

Then, Kojima productions is also looking for an L.A based level designer whose main work duties include:

Creating and designing solid, visually stunning environments and mission scenarios for single and multiplayer 3D action games.

This shouldn’t be a huge surprise to any, even if it’s easy to forget Metal Gear Solid 4 shipped with Metal Gear Online on disc; of course back then I think everyone was a little preoccupied screaming at each other over the 9 hours of cutscenes found in MGS4.