PlayStation Plus Update For November 13th Includes Quantum Conundrum Free

This week on PlayStation Plus doesn’t feature nearly as many deals as previous ones, though you still get a free game at the very least.

Starting tomorrow, Quantum Conundrum from Kim Swift (one of the makers of Portal) and publisher Square Enix, will be added to the Instant Game Collection.

After that, the only other thing you can look forward to is 30% off of Machinarium, making it $6.99. If you missed the game when it launched last month, this is your perfect chance to get it.

The reason why this week is somewhat slow for PlayStation Plus could be attributed to the following comment made by Morgan Haro of the PS Blog:

We’re putting the finishing touches on everything in regards to sharing the IGC info on Plus for Vita. Watch for it soon!

They’ve been teasing for about the past two weeks that PS+ on Vita would be coming ‘soon’, but the fact that they are putting the finishing touches on it means we shouldn’t be waiting too much longer (maybe later today?).

Stay tuned to PSLS for all of the announcement details when they are revealed.