Sniper Elite V2: Game of the Year Edition Renamed Silver Star Edition, Comes with 5 DLC Packs

Earlier this month we let you know that Amazon had listed the Sniper Elite V2: Game of the Year Edition for release on March 5th, 2013 at a $29.99 price point. Not much was known at that time about the upcoming release, but GameStop has now posted a listing for the title, revealing its official title of Sniper Elite V2: Silver Star Edition.

Along with the name change, GameStop also included a very small box art, which lets us know that there will be bonus content and 5 DLC packs included with the game. Just what those DLC packs will be remains unclear, but it will most likely be the following:

  • Neudorf Outpost Pack
  • Multiplayer Expansion
  • Weapons Pack
  • Assassinate The F├╝hrer
  • The Landwehr Canal Pack

How happy are you that the official name has no mention of Game of the Year? Will you be checking out the Silver Star Edition? Let us know in the comments below.

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