PSN Down Now for Numerous People, Error Codes 80710092 and 80710016 Reported (Update: PSN is Online)

March 15, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

Final Update: The PSN is now back online and all issues should be resolved.

Something we’ve experienced when trying to connect to the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store right now is error code 80710092. Described by Sony as “PSN, or a portion of PSN (PlayStation Store, chat, etc.) may be down,” this has also been afflicting other people as we’ve received numerous reports of that, as well as error code 80710016. The latter is noted as a “Network error” and “if you are connecting to the network using a proxy server, try connecting with out the proxy server.”

Our best advice right now is to just turn off your PlayStation for the time being, read something on PSLS, and then check back again in a little while to see if the PSN issues have been resolved.

Update: Sony is aware of the issue and they are “looking into it.”

Update 2: Sony has updated the PSN Status page, changing the PSN to “Offline.”

Update 3: They have now changed the ‘Offline’ to red, which makes it much scarier:

Update 4: The PSN is now currently working for many, myself included.

Update 5: Sony has said that “issues are resolving now.” Expect full service soon.

We’ll be sure to let you know once we hear when the PlayStation Network is back online and functioning properly.

Have you been getting the error message? Let us know in the comments below.

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