Hideo Kojima: “Mo-cap is all Done”, but Metal Gear Solid V Itself “Needs More Time to be Completed”

In true Hideo Kojima form, he went on a bit of a TwitLonger spree last night about Metal Gear Solid V (or who knows, maybe he’s just trolling us and it’s something completely different). With these, he talked a little bit about the motion capture for the game, which has now been completed:

Such a large-scale Mo-cap is all done, but the game itself needs more time to be completed. We still need to shoot game motion, in addition to voice recording, facial capturing. And moreover implementing those tremendous volume of data takes tremendous amount of time and effort.

Kojima also explained how long Mo-cap took:

If it were movie creation, post-production and editing will follow after shooting, plus adding audio but since it is game we have a lot to go. But still I feel content as this is the 1st end of phases. This time it took over a year including auditioning, 3D capturing, military training, reading, rehearsing and shooting.

And finally, he went into detail about the actors they used:

We have been doing Mo-Cap for over 14 years ago but every time we’d done a new challenge. This time we hired foreign actors except stuntmen. They were wide variety of actors from America, UK, France, Holland, Hungary etc. We used neutral language to communicate but the emotion was tightened as one.

So, if Hideo Kojima is speaking the truth, it doesn’t look like Metal Gear Solid V will be arriving anytime soon.

When do you think Metal Gear Solid V will be released? Let us know in the comments below.

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