PSLS’ Morning Wood Episode 008: The Enemy of my En-Naomi is a Very Sexy Giveaway

Welcome to episode eight of Morning Wood! This episode contains some of the lewdest sexiest content that has ever been featured on the show. I declare war on an attractive female who is trying to steal the ‘Wood’ legacy, find out that I’ve been helping facilitate some fans’ addictions, and what comes after sex and drugs? That’s right: Rock and roll! So this week we’ve got a giveaway of a recent PSN game to complete the package (Hint: I reviewed it this week). Join me for another week of insanity and enjoy the latest episode of Morning Wood below.

Are you eager to win the giveaway? Do you have the winning reply to Sebastian Asks? Do you also want a life-size print of my ten page centerfold? While I’m not about to give away free canvas prints, I don’t mind posing for the pictures. While you wait for the shoot to complete and your credit card to go through, why don’t you email me at [email protected] or follow me on Twitter @FinchStrife? If that’s too much to ask you can leave pics of yourself in the comments below and I’ll see you all next week when you wake up with Morning Wood.