The Order: 1886 on PS4 is in “Pre-Production,” Debut Video was “In-Engine,” Game Itself is Third-Person Action Adventure

Ready at Dawn, who are best known for their PSP God of War titles, announced their brand new IP for the PS4 yesterday: The Order: 1886.

Ru Weerasuriya, CEO and Creative Director at Ready at Dawn, was on GT just now, revealing that The Order: 1886 is going to be a third-person action adventure game. Unfortunately, he had to stay tight-lipped about a bunch of other details, though he did mention that the game is in “pre-production right now…we’ve got some ways to go still.”

As for that trailer that was released yesterday, Ru went on to say that it is running in “anamorphic 2.4, but that’s also the way the game runs,” and in a more detailed answer, he revealed why they waited to make this new IP, and that the video was in-engine::

The reason why we didn’t make this game before, and we had a chance to actually build our own IP in the past few years, but we never felt that the hardware was there to really do what we wanted. And this is the first time we feel that we would be able to…have exactly a 1:1 experience from cinematic to gameplay. And as you can see is in-game, it’s in-engine, and it’s going to be running like this on the game itself and you won’t see any breaks, any change in models, or anything like that. We wanted to make a seamless experience all the way through.

Like I said, he was very tight lipped when it come to actual details, though Ru did mention that the creatures are an “ancient foe humanity has been fighting for quite a while,” and The Order is a group of people who have “been around for a long time” fighting against that foe.

Here’s the official game description:

The Order: 1886 introduces players to a unique vision of Victorian-Era London where Man uses advanced technology to battle a powerful and ancient foe. As a member of an elite order of knights, join a centuries-old war that will determine the course of history forever.

Basically, The Order: 1886 is going to look really good when it comes out, it just might not be out for some time.

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