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The Cars in DriveClub on PS4 are “The Highest Definition Models Ever Used in a Game”

Speaking at an E3 event, Col Rodgers, Game Director on DriveClub, spoke about the upcoming PS4 launch title from Evolution Studios.

After detailing how DriveClub had been in the mind of the studio for 9 years, and the PS4 has made their vision possible, Col said the game is the “embodiment” of 14 years of Evolution bringing racing games to PlayStation platforms.

When DriveClub is released this holiday, Evolution will stay busy supporting the game, with Col explaining:

We’re going to put in a service model behind the game. So, when you buy DriveClub at the launch of PlayStation 4, you will be buying your way into community which is going to grow. We’re going to be feeding you live, new content every week. A service model game is going to give you a fresh experience all the time. And we’ll be monitoring what goes down well and changing that up as we need to. DriveClub is going to be a huge experience.

He then touted the graphical power of the PlayStation 4, even going so far as to say that they’ve simulated clouds so perfectly “that they could be used in scientific research.” Also, they’ve modeled the time of day “so accurately, that if you chose to, you could play a track at 4:22am in Antigua and it’d be perfect.” Not only that, the view distance goes on for miles and miles, which is actually game landscape you can drive to, with Col saying “never before has there been anything like this in a game.”

Looking at the cars themselves, Rodgers revealed they are “the highest definition models ever used in a game.”

Finally, in a post-event interview on the LiveCast, it was mentioned that “pretty much every commercial racing wheel will work with DriveClub.” We’ll likely have to wait until closer to launch for a full list of what they are, but this is definitely good news for wheel owners.

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