The Last of Us Reportedly Has an Autosave Bug, “Just Re-Launch the Game” to Fix

Today is the day many people finally get their hands on The Last of Us. However, it appears what should be a joyous occasion for many has been marred by a bug.

According to a forum on NeoGAF, a number of people are experiencing an issue with the autosave on the game. Apparently the bug will prevent you from saving and force you to exit the game, potentially causing you to lose hours of progress.

The bug can be seen in the pause menu. If it says your last save was a certain number of minutes ago then you should be fine, but if it continues to say “autosaving, please wait” without changing then you probably have hit the bug. Some are pointing to the day one patch as the cause of the problem while others think it has to do with the game itself.

ND’s Christophe Balestra tweeted:

Big ‘thank you’ to @MarkySharky for helping us track down the autosave bug. Should be clear now. Thanks for your patience.

The autosave issue was a problem w/ our servers. No patch needed to fix it, just re-launch the game. Thanks again 🙂

Arne Meyer added:

We’ve addressed the autosave issue, it was related to servers on our end. Please quit to XMB and restart the game. SP and MP are OK to play!

Also saying:

It’s unfortunate that some people have lost a lot of progress. 🙁  But we’ve found that won’t happen now.

Are you experiencing this issue? Did this work? Let us know in the comments.