PS4’s RAM Means That inFamous: Second Son Destruction Lasts, Sucker Punch Reveals

inFamous: Second Son had a very good E3 2013, with Sony and Sucker Punch announcing that we’ll be able to play it in the first quarter of 2014 on PS4, while also being given a stunning gameplay video. In that video, you’ll have noticed quite a bit of destruction taking place, but when Delsin did his divebomb at 5:10, the dinosaur statue that was once standing crumbled into pieces.

Talking to Polygon, Jaime Griesemer, Lead Designer on Second Son, explained that destruction in the game is permanent when it comes to “the memorable stuff, that’s the stuff that goes away.” To help ensure that there’s cover in every area though, you can expect some items to refresh once you destroy them.

Elaborating on how they’re able to make destruction absolute, Griesemer mentioned that it’s all thanks to the PS4’s RAM:

It was very difficult in a PlayStation 3 timeframe, where you don’t have enough RAM to store information about every object in the whole universe. The areas would just be refreshed when you leave and come back. But now we have a lot more to work with.

Knowing that once you destroy something it will stay that way, are you going to preserve monuments in Second Son or destroy them all? Let us know in the comments below.