Destiny E3 PS4 Demo Ran on “Super Secret Dev Kits,” Engine Lets Bungie “Squeeze Every bit of Awesome out of Every Platform” (Update)

Update: DeeJ answered a couple more questions, including one that asked about the clan system and social features:

The game is built from the ground up to be more fun when you play it with your friends. Destiny places a deep emphasis on the social aspects of playing an online multuplayer game. While I can’t confirm clan support or the existence of clans at this time, I can tell you that I’ll be playing this game with a clan that I started on back in Halo 2. If you need real estate to start your own clubhouse and recruit people to join your Fireteams, you can start your own private group on our site.

Another person wanted to know if the single player experience will be decent:

I can tell you that Destiny will revolve around a rich narrative that is deeper than any story we’ve ever told. While this world will be populated by other players, there is nothing stopping you from charging through and crafting your own adventure unaided by other gamers – although you may find yourself wishing for an ally or two when the Fallen drop a Devil Walker packed with sweet loot in your path.

Original Story: One of the most anticipated gameplay reveals at E3 2013 was that of Destiny from Bungie. They did a good job hyping the game before the event, but went crazy during the Sony Press Conference, showing the game off in all its glory.

Today, they released an HD version of that footage, which you can see below:

Answering some questions, with quite a bit of information included with those answers, was DeeJ, Community Manager at To kick things off, DeeJ explained how “your character is totally customizable, and you’ll evolve and change over time as your adventure makes you more dangerous.”

DeeJ then gave a very detailed answer when someone asked if the game is running on PS4, when it came to the demo:

What we took to E3 were our super-secret dev kits. Those are the hardware tools we’re using to make the game. If you thought that looked pretty, you can totally expect that level of polish on your PS4. The great thing about our new engine is that it lets us squeeze every bit of awesome out of every platform.

Next up, DeeJ replied to a question asking whether there would be competitive multiplayer modes in Destiny:

One of things that we love to say about Destiny is that is has activities for your every mood. Competitive Multiplayer will absolutely be one of them. Like you, I was a digital warrior in all the Halo games. It’s why I have my job. I’m loving the way multiplayer is shaping up in Destiny. Joining a Fireteam to reconquer our solar system with your friends will be fun, but so will battling your fellow Guardians for glory.

Before linking to Bungie’s website to see the planets revealed so far, DeeJ gave this last piece of information:

Our E3 demo was just a sliver of this game. One of the things we wanted to share in our first introduction to Destiny was the shared experiences that will bring different Fireteams together to kick lots of ass. There is so much more about this game that we can’t wait to reveal. Those bombs will drop another time.

Expect Destiny to arrive in 2014 on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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