Sanzaru Games Hiring for PS3/Vita Game, But Studio May No Longer Exist

For the uninformed, Sanzaru Games is the development studio who took over the Sly Cooper franchise from Sucker Punch, releasing Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time earlier this year.

Not much has been heard about the company since February, but thanks to Superannuation spotting a job posting (and we found another), that shows they’re hiring for a Core Systems/Graphics Engineer and a Game Engineer. As well, on LinkedIn, the company posts that they’re “looking for new recruits,” with game designer and gameplay engineer positions open as of yesterday.

For that Core Systems/Graphics Engineer position, the job asks for “PS3, Vita or DX9+ GPU and CPU experience”, as well as talking about PlayStation Edge experience – tools only developed for the PS3.

Meanwhile, the Game Engineer has a different description, which we’ve placed below:

Sanzaru Games seeks a talented and ambitious programmer to expand our development team as we start multiple new projects. While our cross-platform engine handles the low-level animation, rendering and resource access on PS4, PS3, PC, XBox360, Wii, Vita & 3DS the game programmer is responsible for implementing game logic, UI control, physics, animation control and general entity management in cross-platform C++.

What makes these job listings really interesting is that Sanzaru Games may not actually exist anymore. Their website,, doesn’t load, their phone number doesn’t work (when we called, it said “The number you have dialed is not a working number”), their Facebook and Twitter pages haven’t been touched in months, emails bounce and most of their staff was reportedly laid off back in November. There are also multiple employees whose LinkedIn profiles show them taking positions elsewhere between November and this April.

That means that Sanzaru is either no longer around, or are working on a PS3/Vita title and a multiplatform game engine. We certainly hope it’s the latter.