Diablo III on PS4 and Xbox One in 2014, Developers Like the DualShock 4 (Update: Team Never Received Xbox One Dev Kits, PS4 2014 Release Date Explained)

Update: The full interview from Josh Mosqueira, Travis Day, and Wyatt Cheng has been uploaded, with DiabloFans clarifying that no announcements regarding an Xbox One version of Diablo III were made and they never received dev kits, with the ‘next generation’ references just pertaining to the PS4.

In that interview, Josh talked about the next-gen version of Diablo III, saying, “in the last couple of weeks we deployed all the PS4 kits out and we’re really starting the really cool work of getting the engine up and running and the designers are starting to look at the controller and some of the new social features the PS4 is focused on.” He continued by adding how the team is excited for the controller, “especially the Track Pad,” and Josh hopes “maybe we can do something cool with some of the skills” with the Track Pad.

As well, Mosqueira explained the reasoning behind a 2014 release date for Diablo III on PlayStation 4:

We thought that it’s really important we stagger development, so that we focus first on the PC, then to focus on current-gen and then – now that that’s done – we’re really looking at how to make it to the next-gen. Always making sure we’re making the right decisions to make each of the platforms really take advantage of what makes those platforms unique and special.

Don’t expect a portable version of Diablo III anytime soon, because “right now our hands are pretty full just tackling PC and console.”

Original Story: Though the full piece has yet to be written up, DiabloFans revealed some of the highlights from their interview with Josh Mosqueira, Travis Day, and Wyatt Cheng, developers on Diablo III, including that we can expect announcements regarding new features prior to BlizzCon in November.

As for the console versions of Diablo III themselves, we already know that the PlayStation 3 gets the game this September, but as the interview reveals, it won’t hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One until 2014. This is because they’ve only just recently received their next-gen dev kits, and they want to try to get the most out of each platform’s features, rather than just doing a straight port.

Since the developers like the DualShock 4 (flick to roll!), the Track Pad, and the Share button, expect Diablo III on PS4 to do something interesting with them, though details on what that might be remain unknown.

Are you going to wait for the PlayStation 4 version next year, or get the PS3 version this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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