GRID 2, Gran Turismo, Project Gotham Racing Developers Helped With DriveClub on PS4’s Handling

Some interesting information about DriveClub has been revealed by Paul Rustchynsky, Evolution Studios’ Design Director, in an interview with the PS Blogcast.

When asked about how they have developers from all over the place working on DriveClub, Paul said:

With DriveClub – because it’s a new racing experience – we wanted to make sure that we picked some of the best talent within the games industry to work on DriveClub. So – with the handling for example – we’ve had guys who worked on GRID 2, Polyphony (Gran Turismo), [Project Gotham Racing], MotorStorm; some of the biggest racing franchises today. We wanted to make sure we used all that experience to deliver – in the case of the handling – the best model possible.

As a PlayStation 4 launch title, Evolution Studios has clearly been working with the hardware for quite some time. Speaking about their experiences, he said:

Delivering a launch title is always a very tricky thing because you can actually feel the dates, but developing for the hardware – the PlayStation 4 itself – it’s just been a joy to work with. You’ve got a lot of the features and functionality, which typically as a developer you’d be expected to integrate into your game, where most of it is just done via the OS nowadays.

It basically takes away all that stress and strain of having to do that stuff yourself and just gives the developer the chance to focus on the game itself and not have to worry about those ancillary features that surround the game. It’s just empowering because of that.

Talking about some of the features that could only done on PS4, and not PS3, Paul mentioned Global Illumination, “a fully dynamic light source. Which means that nothing’s pre-baked inside the world. So, wherever you place the sun and whatever light source is positioned inside the world, everything is just dynamic, it’s real, it’s proper illumination.”

Are you ready to see Global Illumination in action later this year on PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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