Trey Parker on Cutting Content from South Park: The Stick of Truth for DLC: “Fuck That”

It’s been quite the interesting journey for South Park: The Stick of Truth following Ubisoft’s purchase of the rights earlier this year from THQ. While Ubisoft has remained mum on the subject of a release date for The Stick of Truth (retailers say November 19th), Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Creators of South Park, were more than happy to talk about other aspects of the game during a Comic-Con panel (via Polygon).

Trey revealed at the panel how he “really loved playing Skyrim,” eventually leading him to say, “‘Let’s do this. This is easy.” So, a script of nearly 850 pages was then created, featuring almost every South Park character and element.

The too large scale of the game led to them cutting out lots of content from game, which people suggested they turn it into DLC. After the crowd didn’t like that idea, Parker said, “I agree… fuck that.” You don’t have to worry about those pages being lost forever, with Parker adding, “Somehow or another, this shit will get out there.”

We’re eagerly anticipating South Park: The Stick of Truth, so once we hear a firm release date for it, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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