Bluepoint Bringing a “Sony Classic” to Current Gen, Helping on a Next-Gen “Blockbuster Franchise”

Sony loves to take their biggest games from the PS2 era, give them a few visual upgrades and then port them to the PS3 and PS Vita – after all, they sell well, and are far cheaper to make than a new game. One of the developers best known for handling the ports is Bluepoint Games, and we’ve spotted that they’re doing another one.

Bluepoint, who ported the God of War Collection, The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (as well as developed Blast Factor), list on a job listing on their site:

We are currently bringing a Sony classic to current game systems.

The listing, by the developer with strong Sony ties, continues:

…as well as teaming our technical expertise with an industry leading developer on a next-gen, blockbuster franchise.

As the developer mentions “systems” for a Sony game, we can assume it’s coming to PS3 and Vita – but what classic Sony franchise do you want ported? Share your predictions in the comments below.

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