Pachter: Vita is Dead, PS4 Remote Play Won’t Save it

Ever one for stirring the pot, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter loves to make predictions about the future of the games industry. This time, Pachter has shared his thoughts on whether the PS4’s remote play will save the Vita.

Speaking on his show Pach-Attack, he initially said “No, next question”, before continuing:

I think if they made the PS Vita in different colors it wouldn’t sell more. The only thing that’s going to sell more Vitas or compelling software. God, I shudder to tell you how many units of Vita were sold this month, but the answer is ‘not very many’. The Vita is dead, it’s over. It’s a really great device that nobody thinks they need so no one’s buying it – it is really slick, if you get one you will like it.

Do you agree, or are you planning to pick up a PS Vita for that very reason? Let us know your thoughts below.

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