Guerrilla Games Answers More Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Questions

September 11, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


It’s been a very Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer day, with Guerrilla Games talking about it in a blog post earlier. Well, the multiplayer discussion continued well into the comments section, with Ginrai (aka Victor Zuylen, Community Editor) of Guerrilla Games answering a bunch of user questions, with some information you may already know, and some you might not:

*For easier reading, the questions have been edited.

Do we need PlayStation Plus to play online, or can we jump in and play?

Yes, PlayStation Plus is required to play Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer online.

What has been implemented to prevent boosting when using bots?

Warzone games featuring bots will not count towards completing challenges.

Any color blind options?

We will offer colorblind support for Killzone: Shadow Fall, yes.

Is the new progressions system like Killzone 2, or something completely different?

Instead of XP, the new progression system rewards you with perks such as weapon attachments and ability enhancements, as well as increases in rank.

Does this mean I can play online with a friend vs bots only (like we could in Killzone 2)?

Yes, using Custom Warzones you can staff an entire team with bots.

Are all the weapons in multiplayer also available in single player? Will the Tactician drone, Engineer’s Sentry Turret and the Medical drone make a comeback?

All weapons available in multiplayer mode can also be found in the single player campaign. Although the Tactician, Engineer and Medic classes don’t exist in this game, the new Support class will feature abilities that offer similar functionality. We’ll have more about the classes in an upcoming article.

Will there be official standard playlists like Team Deathmatch or Warzone without changes?

Yes, there will be default/official Warzones. In addition, we’ll frequently highlight new and interesting custom Warzones created by the community. Both will be easily accessible from the game.

Character customization?

OWLs and other personal combat drones (revive drones, air support drones etc.) can be customized through skins.

Can you elaborate on the Spawn Beacons? Will any other player be able to deconstruct them or will there be a special skill/perk that will enable the ability?

With regard to Spawn Beacons, they can be destroyed by any class – some weapons will yield quicker results than others, though.

Are the shields deployable after a small timer, or are they deployable instantaneously? Is hip firing still a viable way of playing? Are rocket launchers a secondary weapon still?

There’s a slight delay as you set up your shield, and you don’t have your weapon during this period. After that you have to wait until the shield is destroyed or dismantled before you can place a new one. With regards to hip-firing – that’s still an option, but some weapons can only be fired by aiming down the sights. Finally, rocket and grenade launchers are now available as attachments for certain primary weapons.

How will you stop cheaters in the new leveling system?

There aren’t any major advantages to gain by exploiting the progression system in this manner, since all weapons and class abilities are already unlocked. That doesn’t mean people won’t try to invent ways to exploit it – but if they do, we’ll invent new ways to reward real skill.

Can we play off/online splitscreen?

There won’t be a split-screen mode in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Will the class that is able to disguise be included?

The disguise class is indeed gone. We’ll have more information about the new classes on the site soon.

[Someone posted a huge wall of text regarding what they liked and what they didn’t like. Nothing is needed for context when it comes to the answers]:

If you don’t like Combat Honors you can simply create (or search for) a custom Warzone that has them turned off. Using custom Warzones, it’s quite easy to create a back-to-basics Killzone experience.

In fact, that goes for your other concerns as well – if you don’t like a particular mechanic, create or search for a custom Warzone without one and you’re golden.

If you have any questions that you’d like answered in a future blog post by Guerrilla Games, ask away here.