Enabling PSN ID Changes is “Very Technically Complex”, Shuhei Yoshida Can’t Confirm It

Being able to change your PSN ID with the PlayStation 4 is something that’s been repeatedly asked by gamers, with Shuhei Yoshida only trolling people with the response, “That’s people’s favorite question that I do not answer.”

Thankfully, Shuhei was in much less of a trolling mood recently when he was interviewed by Game Informer, where he discussed how you’ll be able to use your real name on the PSN, while also talking up PSN ID changes:

We are not replacing [PSN IDs], but we are adding another option for people to input their own real name. They have some control of how their real name is exposed to everyone or friends. It’s actually a common question that I’ve been asked is ‘Can I change my PSN ID?’ That’s a very common request, and I wish we could say ‘Yes, you can’, but it’s very technically complex. I can’t answer that, really.

Shuhei then detailed how your internet connection will come into play with the PlayStation Vita TV:

Vita TV or for PS Vita remote play are basically the same. The difference is that PS Vita relies on Wi-Fi, but the Vita TV has the [Ethernet port], so it’s a bit more stable. It works either inside a home network or through the internet. But because it’s like a Gaikai cloud game, there has to be certain bandwidth required and latency has to be more than a certain millisecond to have good, quality gaming. It depends on the title and it depends on what the internet condition is.

It’s definitely going to be great to play at home, unless you have lots of Netflix [accounts] going on the same network. But going through the internet is going to be more challenging unless you really have an ideal connectivity inside of the United States, or if Google is doing something. That’s the extreme, but with time the infrastructure will get better. What we are providing is a mechanism that game can know the internet conditions and tell you ‘No, you can’t play’, or ‘Yes, you can play’, or the quality can degrade.

And yes, The Last Guardian‘s development team at SCE Japan Studio is still there, along with Fumito Ueda, but they’re still waiting “for the time to reintroduce it.”

If you could change your PSN ID, what would you change it to? Let us know in the comments below.