Turtle Beach on PS4 Headset Compatability: PX4 Works Right Away; XP 510, PX 51, Phantom Require Firmware Update

If you were still a little confused about which Turtle Beach headsets will work with the PlayStation 4, we’ve placed a quick guide below to help you out, based on information from Turtle Beach:

Compatible Right Away

Compatible Following Firmware Update

  • Turtle Beach XP 510 – $289.95 (Out Now)
  • PX 51 – $269.95 (Out Now)
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Phantom – $299.95 (Out October 25th, In Stores this November)

As well, Turtle Beach explained how the headsets work with the PS4:

The latest wireless headsets from Turtle Beach provide a mobile adapter connection. These headsets can use that mobile connection to get chat audio, and an optical cord for game audio, and still get an integrated headset experience. You simply run the mobile adapter cord from the headset to the controller for chat audio.

In regards to the firmware update, it will become available on turtlebeach.com.

When we reached out for more information, Turtle Beach let us know that it will be a program you download into your computer (Windows 7/8 confirmed, Mac unknown as of now), then you would plug the headset in via USB. You then run the program on the computer and the headset will be updated in about 3-5 minutes (the update is “small”), and that’s it.

Also, once you do the update, the headset will still be backwards compatible with current generation consoles.

If we hear anything else from Turtle Beach about headset compatibility, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Will you be using a Turtle Beach headset with your PS4? Let us know in the comments below.