PS4 Voice Command Limitations at Launch Include not Being Able to Wake the System in Standby Mode

If you decide to pick up a PlayStation Camera with your PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to use The PlayRoom bundled with every system, have the option of starting games without using a headset, and more, just by using your voice.

At least upon console launch, there will be some limitations to what you can control with your voice, as Engadget reports from the PS4 review event in New York City that your system can’t be “woken” in standby mode. However, you will have the option of turning off the PS4 with your voice.

Further limitations reveal how you aren’t able to pause a movie or TV show on Netflix, with none of the third party apps available at PS4 launch supporting voice commands, something Sony said they “hope” will be integrated in the future. As well, you can expect more voice functions to be added over time.

What kind of voice commands would you like to see added on PS4 down the road? Let us know in the comments below.