PS4 Update to Allow Sony Pulse Elite Headsets is Expected “Just After” January 1st, 2014

November 25, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


A lot of people have been wondering when their Sony Pulse headsets would be allowed to fully work properly with their PlayStation 4 (instead of the lesser workaround where you plug the headset directly into the DualShock 4).

Earlier this month in an OnPlayStation stream about peripherals (at 17:30), Jon Regala, Director of Product Marketing, Peripherals and Innovation, revealed when you can expect to see the PS4 update allowing Pulse Elite Headset compatibility:

I’ll admit, this one’s been a touchy subject because [Shuhei Yoshida’s] been out there saying things on Twitter, [Scott Rohde’s] some things – it’s been confusing.

The reality is this: Our PlayStation line of headsets, at launch, unfortunately will not work. It was just due to resource issues… we couldn’t make it happen. At PlayStation, we strive to make sure that everything is a perfect experience, and it wasn’t perfect.

The good news is: We’re fixing it, it’s nearly done. We will see it roll out in North America just after the first of [2014], so not too far away.

Regala then said the wait should be “only a month, month and a half,” so expect that update very early in January 2014.

Have you been waiting for the PS4’s system update to allow Pulse headsets? Let us know in the comments below.