Killzone Vita Developers Guerrilla Cambridge Hiring for Console Title, Probably PS4; “Major Future Project”

Killzone Mercenary was arguably the biggest game on PlayStation Vita this year, so most assumed that the developer, Guerrilla Cambridge, would create another Vita title after. However, that may not be the case.

PSLS has uncovered several job listings that suggest the studio’s next title will come to a Sony home console, presumably PS4. A listing for Senior Environment Artist says that applicants must be able to “Demonstrate PS3/PS4 quality texturing (diffuse, normal and specular maps),” continuing:

You have development experience on recent AAA console games.

A listing for an Environment Artist echoes the above, adding that it would be beneficial if applicants “have development experience on console games.” Interestingly, another listing, this time for Senior Graphics Programmer, describes the game as “a major future project.”

Now, before anyone jumps to any conclusions, it’s worth looking at the background of the studio, and Sony’s UK presence. Guerrilla Cambridge is a relatively small developer compared to some of Sony’s teams, but it is always possible that they could be working on multiple projects, from PS4 to PS Vita. Sony also sadly closed down Sony Liverpool, who were rumored to be 18 months into development of a PS4 WipEout title and something akin to Splinter Cell. It’s conceivable that one of those projects still lives, with Guerrilla Cambridge continuing from where Liverpool left off. Finally, with Netherlands-based Guerrilla Games creating a new IP, it could be that the Cambridge studio has taken over the franchise for the future.

What do you hope Guerrilla Cambridge are developing? Are you worried about the lack of first party support for PS Vita? Share your thoughts below.