Minecraft: PS3 Edition Patch 1.03 Notes Revealed, Expected Before Next Week

January 13, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Currently in test with Sony, 4J Studios has confirmed that patch 1.03 for Minecraft: PS3 Edition is hopefully going to be arriving before next week.

Including a whole bunch of fixes, here’s everything to expect from patch 1.03:

  • Fix for issue in multiplayer/splitscreen which could cause save file corruption.
  • Fix for memory issue causing random game freezes and exits to XMB.
  • Fix for being unable to join games at times (“The host has exited the game” message incorrectly being displayed).
  • Fix for splitscreen crash on adding a player when language is Russian.
  • Fix for issue which can prevent leaderboard updates and some trophy awards.
  • Fix for issue causing “No DLC offers available” message when converting trial to full version.
  • Fix for game render glitch when a new streaming music track starts up.
  • Fix for a lighting issue on a network client.
  • Fix for the block damage decal being incorrectly offset
  • Fix for selected item text not fading off screen if a menu is opened when it’s visible.
  • Fix for “Where are we now” music disc
  • Fix for issue with Ghasts firing at certain angles
  • A few rendering performance improvements

We’ll let you know once patch 1.03 is finally released, so stay tuned.

How are you enjoying your time with Minecraft: PS3 Edition so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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